I started practicing Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga in 2006 whilst living in Guatemala. On my return to Brighton I eventually found Vajrasati and was hooked.  The playfulness and self exploration ecouraged in the practice, along with attention to subtle details, meant that I began to discover a deeper, more holistic practice which lead me onto the  two year teacher training  programme which i completed in May 2015. My belief in the value of community and shared learning is mirrored in the course and is reflected my style of teaching.


At present, I am teaching one to one sessions, small groups  and drop ins as well as being part of Brighton Natural Health Centre's outreach project teaching free yoga classes to migrant women.  I believe that yoga should be accesible to everyone and hope to continue to work with all people in the community.


I teach my classes, in and around Brighton and from the shared Dojo in the garden of my housing Co-Op in Bevendean. A group of us set up our Co-Op in 2013 because we believe in communal and cooperative living. As a group we are committed to social change and promoting alternative ways of life.


A Dojo is a Japanese term which literally means "place of the way". Our dojo is used as a place of activity & contemplation and embodies the energies of those who created it. It was built with love and dedication.


Our dojo looks onto the South Downs and is a beautiful and calming place to practice yoga.