'I have been doing yoga for 15 years & Sarah is the best teacher I have ever had. She has corrected all sorts of bad habits & encouraged me to push myself but always in a safe way. My individual practice has been transformed with her support & guidance. Her dojo is a beautiful & calm space to have classes. I particularly recommend her one-to-ones, which have helped me get deeper into yoga & my own body than ever before. Thank you Sarah!' - Lauren, Brighton.


'I came to Sarah's class as a complete beginner - one who was slightly nervous about my complete lack of flexibility! Sarah put me at ease immediately, and has been a great teacher - clear, helpful, encouraging, and very good at pushing each member of the class within his or her abilities. I finish each session feeling great, and after about eight classes, have already fallen in love with yoga.' - Jennifer Robinson.


'Sarah's yoga classes were a very welcome relief after a day at work. She was very accommodating and understanding of our busy school set up and brought a wonderful peace and calm to our otherwise hectic days. Sarah pitched the classes just right so that we had time to relax but also felt stretched and therefore rejuvenated at the end. I will certainly be attending her classes again.' - Sarah M, The Cedar School


'I've been practising yoga for about seven years during which time I've had four teachers. For me personally, Sarah has been the most influential for my coming to better understand the depth of how beneficial yoga can be for my body and mind. She is confident and clear in her instruction, is sensitive to the needs of individuals within a class and creates a calm and kind atmosphere in which to practise. Thank you Sarah!' - Gabriele


'Sarah is by far the best yoga teacher I have ever had in my life. She practices yoga in the true meaning of the union between mind and body, making her sessions are very meditative as well as physical. She takes time to get to know the individual needs of your body and corrects and pushes you at your own pace. Sarah encourages you to push your own body to its limits but does this through very friendly invitation! This has meant I have gained a curiosity and enthusiasm in sessions to approach my limits, while feeling really safe to do so as she's always mindful of supporting us to avoid injury or strain. Sarah's lessons are one my favourite things in my week and I really can't recommend her more highly!' - Ali Wates


'Having done a handful of one to one classes with Sarah, I find her teaching approach amazingly calming and reassuring. She has the ability to push my yoga so that when leaving the session, I really have gained a new set of tecniques and experience. I always leave the sessions feeling completely back to new and restored in mind and body. Thank you Sarah' - Jon Purchase


'I have been lucky enough to practise yoga with Sarah in both group classes and one to one sessions in the dojo.  Sarah's calm way of teaching has changed my view of yoga and increased my desire to learn.  I always come away from my sessions feeling refreshed, rejuvinated and reset.  I particularly love practising yoga in the dojo :  It is a beautiful space looking out over the South Downs and I cannot think of a more calming place in Brighton to look at whilst stretching and meditating.  I will always be grateful for our one to one sessions as they have really helped me in my day to day life, embracing my connections with people in the present and teaching me how to let go.  A truly inspirational teacher.' - Becky Salmon